Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

  • CONTENT - We can see your email address, account name, number of tree nodes and number of Linked Albums in your account, but we do not see any: images, links themselves, photos, videos, other content or descriptions.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION - We use your personal information only for servicing you.  We do not share your personal information, or any information related to your account or collections, with any third parties.

Cookies Policy

  • We use Cookies to allow you to more readily and easily access your account information.

Data Security - How Safe is my Data

  • We have gone to great lengths to protect your data.  Remember also that we only store "links" to your media. We do not store the media itself.  You can download a complete Excel spreadsheet of all data fields in your collection by going to My Account > Permissions and Preferences > Summary Report
  • MyFamilyArchive uses Amazon Web Services running on EC2 instant and secured by Security Groups. AWS resources are created in isolated network namespaces called VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).
  • Our database uses Google Firebase Storage. Google Firebase Storage is backed by Google’s own cloud platform storage engine. In order to manage security of the Cloud Platform storage engine, strict bucket and object ACLs are defined which allow access to the Firebase SDK only.  Firebase SDK natively supports Security Rules and user authentication mechanism. The logic is implemented inside the application itself.