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The Perfect Private Family Archive
Whether documenting your family history or just archiving your immediate family’s best memories, MyFamilyArchive may be just what you are looking for.

Our cloud app uses your family tree to create collections for each person, and, uniquely, for each family and even each family surname (family line history), to better organize ALL of your family's history and digitized memories… from photos and photo albums, to documents and home movies.

With MyFamilyArchive, you’ll have one secure private site where all your family’s keepsake memories and mementos will be organized then easily found and viewed by anyone in the family, to become a living and lasting Family Legacy Collection for years to come.
“This is phenomenal and what I always hoped for, but could never imagine coming together. “
digital photo hub
Gen Galla, subscriber
Wisconsin, USA
“MyFamilyArchive’s organization and presentation are everything I was looking for but couldn’t quite visualize!”
family photo archive
Linda Wickham, subscriber
Arizona, USA
memories archiver
You likely have more keepsake media than you know… … everything you never want to lose that can be digitized for future viewing.
  • 8mm Movies
  • VHS and digital tapes
  • Photo prints
  • Digital photos
  • Scrapbooks that can be converted to digital
  • Slide shows
  • Newspaper articles
  • Audio recordings
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Blogs, journals and writings
  • Photo books
  • Art and projects
  • Home inventory list
An “overlay” or “hub” that turns any photo or video cloud site into a family collection that anyone can navigate.
You won’t move your photos and videos to MyFamilyArchive. Instead, you’ll store them in most any photo or video cloud site of your choice and MyFamilyArchive works as a simple overlay to assign media to individuals and families in your family tree.

For while cloud sites are great for storing and viewing content, they are simply not designed for building and sharing a family archive. And you’ll likely use more than one cloud site for your various media. If your photos are already in Google Photos or iCloud Photos, that’s a perfect start.
organize home movies organize home movies
online family collection
Every collection page is a table of contents to a rich life
With MyFamilyArchive, each person has a Collection Page, as does each family. You might add photos, recitals, and art creations to a child’s collection; create a legacy tribute to a lost grandparent; or add the best of your family’s vacations, holidays, and special events to your family collection page.

Each page is built by adding “Linked Albums”, which
are titles, descriptions, and web links to the digital items in your 3rd party cloud sites. Clicking on a square preview image triggers a link and takes you to your content. Think of it as a bit like Pinterest for the family.
organize photo archive
Your family tree becomes a portal to your content
You’ll access all collection pages from your family tree. Building your tree is easy, and you can add just immediate family members or build out your tree to extended family or even hundreds of ancestors. You can even import a GEDCOM file from a genealogy app like Ancestry.com, or import a FamilySearch tree, to quickly populate your private family tree.

Once created, clicking on any person takes you to their Personal Collection Page. Clicking the link icon connecting a couple takes you to their Family Collection Page.

This intuitive navigation is so easy that even the least-technical family members can find all your memories.
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Now every family member can view your best memories anywhere, any time, on any connected device.
And if your photos are not yet organized, or home movies are sitting on a shelf as video tapes or DVDs, we will guide you to getting them organized and shareable with the entire family.
digital family archive
organize home videos
Sharing your collection is easy
Simple permission settings give you complete control over which media items you allow others to see and which stay private.

And you can grant selective edit privileges to friends and family members to add to your collection.
online family collection
“Linked Albums” - the Key to MyFamilyArchive
How does MyFamilyArchive index all your media but not store any of it?

The key is that over 90% of cloud photo and video apps allow you to safely and privately “share” any content stored there... a video, a photo, a digital photo album, an audio recording, a pdf, etc… via a “Share Link”.

In MyFamilyArchive, these links are simply added to a person’s or family’s collection page, along with a title, description, and preview image. Then, when the preview image is clicked, it takes the viewer to the media in the other cloud site. MyFamilyArchive calls each link a “Linked Album”.
Start building your collection now with either our
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*A Linked Album is a URL-type share link to a digital photo album, video, or other digital asset stored in a third-party cloud site.
**Import up to 1000 people from a GEDCOM file or up to 8 Generations from FamilySearch.
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